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When calories are cut back significantly, the body will store the fat and then the metabolism will lower. But with ultra lean drops in the system, the body uses the fat for energy instead of storing the fat. As a result, the fat is then used as energy and burned out of our system when the energy is exhausted. It is quite a natural process and has no negative effect to the body.

Typically yes you would, however the ultra lean drops support the strength of muscle tissue while your body intakes 500 calories per day. In normal circumstances the muscle would go first then the fat would follow when going on a low calorie. The drops help to produce hormones to sustain muscle and use the fat as energy instead. A low calorie diet without ultra lean drops would result in making it easier to gain the weight back rather than sustaining it.

Surprisingly, not very much. This is one of the few diets that don't leave you craving more food. The reason behind it is because your calories used to be the source of the energy you exhausted, and when you were calorie deficient you felt hungry. Now that your body can turn to the fat storage as a source of energy, it naturally suppresses your appetite.

Our products does not interfere with any medications whatsoever, including birth control, or any prescription drugs.

The dosage is too small to change anything in the menstrual cycle. There are no side effects.

The average comes to about 1 lb. per day over an extended period of time. Most will lose 2 lbs. a day in their first week.

The largest amount of weight is lost in the first month, yes. After the first month some may experience a plateau effect where a day or two on the scale doesn't change. DO NOT PANIC! This is normal. The body is currently losing inches and the spikes in weight drops will pick up again.

We are proud to say that our products are made in the USA.

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