Ultra Lean Drops

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What is Ultra Lean Drops?

Ultra Lean Drops is a powerful weightloss supplement. Containing African Mango - a natural ingredient that raises leptin levels. Levels out glucose and speeds up metabolism, and suppresses the appetite. This hormone free supplement has been successful in stimulating the metabolism and increasing leptin levels to achive wight loss goals.

Supplementing with Ultra Lean Drops in addition to diet and exercise is an effective way to reach weight loss goals. Drops are safer for both genders.

How African Mango Works

It is believed that the african mango extract increases a hormone called adiponectin, which may improve fat metabolism and glucose by increasing insulin levels. This makes the body use more fat for energy, which results in weight loss. African mango extracts are fully excempt of steroids and stimulant. It is packed with nutritious elements which help enhance fat burning processes in the body helping people lose wight quickly.

With African Mango helps blood glucose levels and aids in wight loss. Natural supplement are safe and healthy.



Most participants report an average loss of about 0.5 to 1.5 pounds per day (averaged over the entire course of the Low Calorie Diet). A small percentage of participants have reported higher average weightloss of 2 or more pounds per day, individual results and weight loss patterns vary.

The first week can be a big adjustment in many ways as your body reacts to what may be a dramatically different diet, where more calories come from burning fat than from your food intake. People react to this change differently. For example, some people feel hungry the first week as they adjust, while others never feel hungry. Headaches are common initially, but they seldom last longer than the first week. Try to be patient and allow your body to make some changes.

Low Calorie Diet + ULTRA LEAN DROPS = Results

You must follow the entire Low Calorie diet protocol as described in this guide, which is based entirely on DR. Simeons' research. Ultra Lean Drops unlocks your body nutrition as soon as calories are properly restricted. Also, the 500 calories each day cannot come from just any foods, but must come from a combination of specifically allowed foods.

On the other hand, if you follow the diet without Ultra Lean Drops, you are simply starving yourself. You'll be burning the wrong kind of fat (structural), or there won't be enough fat in the bloodstream for energy. Simply put, both Ultra Lean Drops and the diet are required. Be diligent in following the precise protocol and fantastic results can be YOURS.

When To Start?

With the exception of mentruating women, you can start your Low Calorie diet program whenever you want!

Keep in mind that you do NOT take any Ultra Lean Drops during your period. You simply continue the diet and resume taking the drops again as soon as your period is over. It doesn't cause any hardship, but you'll get really hungry if you don't start taking Ultra Lean Drops again as soon as your period is over. Note that weight loss often slows during your period.



Step 1


Load for 2 days on high fat / high calorie foods

Take Ultra Lean Drops Phase 1 : Loading Phase

You begin taking Low Calorie diet the morning you start the "Loading Phase" where you spend 2 days eating high fat / high calorie foods. Many often gain weight during this 2 day period, but it comes off quickly when you begin the diet portion.

WHAT TO EAT : You can eat whatever you like, however, the emphasis should be on high fat items. If you want more ideas go to

Step 2

Phase 2 (2 to 3 weeks)

Take Ultra Lean Drops while on the 500 calorie diet

Take Ultra Lean Drops Phase 2 : 500 Calorie Diet

Time to lose weight folks. The 500 calorie diet portion or VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) is typically referred to as Phase 2 (P2) and last 3-6 weeks to complete 1 "round" of the Low Calorie Diet. You will follow the rules for the 500 Calorie Diet. The food list is very specific, as is how the food is portioned out.

Step 3

Transition off Ultra Lean Drops (72 hours)

No Ultra Lean Drops Transition : Get off Ultra Lean Drops

About 72 hours is needed for Ultra Lean Drops to get out of your system, during which time your body will still be more sensitive than usual to fats and calories. To transition off it, stop Ultra Lean Drops but continue the 500 calorie diet for 72 hours following your final dose of Ultra Lean Drops

Step 4

Phase 3

3 weeks No Ultra Lean Drops. Stabilize

No Ultra Lean Drops Phase 3: Stabilize weight

Time to stabilize your new weight. This involves eating no sugar or starches for 3 weeks following Phase 2. During this time, you will be attempting to keep your weight within 2 lbs of your LDW (Last Does Weight) - your weight on the scale the morning of your last Ultra Lean Drops does. If your weight goes more than 2 lbs above your LDW.

A Steak Day : Eat nothing for the main part of the day, drink lots of water. For dinner, eat a large steak and tomato or apple.

Step 5

Phase 4

Life, Gradually add starches back in.

No Ultra Lean Drops Phase 4 : Eat and Maintain

Gradually try adding back healthy starches and sugars. Ideally certain foods you won't be returning as a habit if they weren't somewhat healthy, but at this point you can experiment with healthy carbs and occasional treats. Some choose to just live a Phase 3 eating lifestyle. Others find they can maintain their weight eating some carbs but not others. It will be a bit of experiment discovering what your body is okay with. Just to encourage you, I have been able to maintain while eating a normal amount of healthy carbs since 2012.

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